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We welcome wholesale inquiry for socks

Q1. What is minimum quantity? 
      --Minimum quantity is 2 items

Q2. How can I be a wholesale customer?
      step1. Sign in our website
      step2. Email us via contact us link on our website title as 'wholesale inquiry'
      step3. We will categorize your sign in  email address as a wholesale group 
      step4. After we add your email address, we will send you wholesale coupon code which is 20% off at every purchase.       
                 Every time you purchase our products, you can use the coupon code without limit.
      step5. Simply buy our products at our website. Wholesale price will be applied  automatically  at check out.      

Q3. How much of discount can I get?
     If you are a new wholesale customer, you get 20% discount.
    As you purchase often, we will upgrade your customer grade and get more discount.             

Q4. Is there anyway that I can get more discount?
   Sometimes we announce big promotion on seoulstory7 instagram. 
   Check our instagram @seoulstory7 regularly. 

Q5. Do you ship worldwide?
     No. We ship within United States only. 

Q6. Where it will be shipped?
     Our products are shipped from  Traverse City, MI, US